Texas Holdem no Limit

Texas Holdem no LimitThe key to make our game beneficial in the long term, is contained in two words: odds and pot odds. These two words represent the mathematical basis of the THE. Know when it is appropriate to call a raise and how much to bet to make the project an opponent’s disadvantage, is a fundamental element of a strategy of profitable game.

The odds are the relationship between us bad cards and cards in our favor.

The pot odds are the relationship between income and can bet.


What do you mean by out?

Outs are all useful cards that can improve your combination.

For example, if you are dealt two cards of the same suit, and the flop you find the other two in that suit, the remaining cards in the deck that will allow you to close the flush is 13-4 = 9. We therefore would say, in this case, that our out are 9.

Texas Holdem no Limit

In essence a project can be played profitably if the pot odds are more favorable the odds, or rather when the chips you win by completing the project are higher than you will lose in all the times you do not complete it.

The odds are therefore, in simple words, the odds of completing your combination, and can readily be calculated by knowing the number of outs.
In the above case our odds of closing the flushdraw so the cards will be unfavorable to us remained in the game (47-9 = 38), compared to 9 out in our favor: ≈ 38:9 4,22:1. This means that we have a 19% chance of hitting your flush with the fall of the next card.