The Types of Play in Texas Hold’em Poker

As regards the types of game the main difference is between normal, turbo, flash, satellites and step-up.

Normal: normal structure in their sit-have game levels that increase every 10 minutes with a starting stack of 1,500 chips.

Turbo: this kind of sit’n’go have a struttra of rapid game with levels that increase every 5 minutes (but on some rooms may be from 4 or 6 minutes) the stack of departure is the same as that in the case of the sit normal . In some rooms the hotel may be even more extreme and you may find the super turbo levels for 3 minutes.

Normally the game levels start from 10/20 (Small Blind and Big Blind) increasing by a factor x2 every level change, but you might find some small variation depending on the poker room.

Hold’em Poker Game

Flash is a type of sit very explosive with very fast which can vary from 1 to 3 minutes, but above all with a very low initial stack that can go from 100 to 300 chips depending on the poker room.

Satellites are sit’n’go qualifying tournament buy-in played with normal or turbo structure and starting stack of 1,500 chips, the winner of the sit won the ticket to the event in question.

Step-up: Italian poker rooms have recently expanded the range of sit qualifying with step-up which is a normal sit’n’go aims to win a ticket to qualify for an event buy-in level. These camps are exactly identical to normal, but have a different structure prizes. In general, the steps are divided into 4 levels and qualify for the next level goes to the first 2, and the last level you win a ticket for the main event.

The Types of Play in Texas Hold’em Poker